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Business Law Attorney in Seneca, South Carolina


Establishing and maintaining a business can be a tough, yet exciting venture. Entrepreneurs have many tasks to complete well before they open a business. Paul Cain understands the law and the actions you need to take to form and protect your business. He will provide assistance with:

  • How to organize your business

  • Who will be the business owners

  • Who manages the business

  • How do you handle profits and losses

  • How do you structure the business to limit personal liability

If you need help with the preparation or review of contracts, Paul Cain has the experience and knowledge to assist you. He can help you with agreements, negotiations, transactions, rights assignment, breach of contract, and remedies for a breach of contract.

Paul Cain can help you tackle any complicated legal problems that may arise in your business. He will give you the support you need for business formation and business dispute resolution. Call our office today to discuss your business needs.

Establish and Maintain
Your Business Correctly

Business Formation Assistance

It takes a lot to start a new business in today's world. Not only do you need to prepare financially by gaining investors that have faith in your product or service, but you also need to prepare legally so you can make sure all of your boxes are checked. Consider us your legal investors that are committed to helping you form and grow the business that you have become so passionate about.


Whether you run a new small business or a well-developed corporation, you need a business attorney in your corner for legal support. We work with business professionals in Seneca SC and across the Upstate of SC. Call Paul Cain today for support with your case. We can help with:

  • Business formation

  • Contract disputes

  • Business partnerships

  • Document drafts

  • Employee issues

Paul Cain understands the ins and outs of running a business. We provide entrepreneurs with the information and support they need to protect their business and guarantee its success.

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