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Estate Planning

Get Your Estate Plan in Order in Seneca, South Carolina

When you pass away, your family will be in disarray. While they’re grieving, they’ll need to work with the courts to figure out your estate. Give them the information they need for a quick and painless probate process. Cain & Williams, Ltd. Co. offers estate planning services in Seneca, South Carolina. We can help you create the proper estate plan with the establishment of a will or trust and a power of attorney. Call Cain & Williams today to discuss your needs with qualified attorneys.

Give Your Family the
Information They Need



You may not want to think about the end of your life – but you need to create a proper estate plan to protect your family’s future and well-being once you’re gone. A formal estate plan will establish:

  • Guardianship of your children

  • New ownership of your home

  • New ownership of your business

  • Heirs to your various assets and wealth

A power of attorney document will allow your loved one to make decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so. Create the proper documents for your family – call Cain & Williams today for estate planning in Seneca, SC.